Shelled Pistachios

Naturally Open In-Shell Pistachios used purely as a snack, it is roasted in-shell. Open in-shell pistachios are mostly exported as raw dried, in bulk. Raw dried pistachios have a practically unlimited storage life, if stored in relatively dry conditions (only fumigation is needed). Kernel content is about 54-59%, depending on variety and annual fluctuations.

Shelled Pistachios types

This is a newer variety with good yield and with long, large nuts. It has the highest shape index (longest) and is the most expensive one. It’s the most easy-to-open pistachio variety among the four. Available sizes are 18-20, 20-22, 22-24 and 24-26 nuts per ounce.

The newest commercial variety, very popular with the farmers, because of high yield and its shorter time to reach production. The appearance of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio resembles the Kerman variety of US pistachios. It also has the whitest shell hue among the four. Ahmad Aghaei is a long pistachio type, with the shape index just falling above 1.5. It comes in sizes 20-22, 22-24, 24-26, 26–28 and 28-30 nuts per ounce.

This type of pistachio tree has a good yield and the nuts are of round type, broad with an open mouth. This type is bigger than others .The name is derived from the shape which look likes arm head .The unique taste of this pistachio is due to its high fat volume. Available sizes are 18-20, 20-22, 22-24 and 24-26 nuts per ounce.

This cultivar is the most widely available pistachio variety and grows in most pistachio growing areas of Iran. This is the most famous kind of pistachio in the world. Fandoghi is of round type and has the lowest shape index among the four cultivars. The taste is unique and has lower amount of aflatoxin. It comes in the following sizes: 26-28, 28-30, 30-32 and 32-34 nuts per ounce.